About Us

Sand Water Boutique was founded in 2022.  We are an online boutique dedicated to finding affordable swimwear, clothing, shoes, accessories and other must have fashion pieces for every shape and size.  

We operate from the Nation's Oldest City, and if you do not know where that is, go ahead and google it.  If you in fact googled it, you saw that St Augustine, Florida is a tourist, beachy, water water everywhere kind of town.  It's where the idea for the name came from.  Us locals can literally spend an entire day in either sand or water.  

We opened as a women's swimwear boutique.  Our idea was swimwear for not only all sizes, but all ages and personalities.  A boutique both a mother AND a daughter could find something.  A place that if you were confident to show your body we got you covered.  Or if you need some modesty to find your confidence, we got that too.  That was our "niche".  Remember that word.  We will circle back. 

Then we started adding summer clothes and sandals, and finally because my supplier has such cute clothes we said screw it, and added a little bit of everything.  Our idea quickly evolved to still have options for all women, but now we got you covered all year round.  All women, all year round.

Women's clothing is a very competitive business and it's ok, we knew this.  Our supplier is from the US and ships to the US and territories.  We made sure to pick a supplier that we have confidence can deliver quality products to our customers.

As a new business, Sand Water Boutique is still growing and promises to find quality products and maintain a streamlined shopping and buying experience.  The website is always being updated or tweaked so bear with us.

In the future, we plan to add more product types to help meet the needs of all the Sun Goddesses out there. We also would like to develop programs to help give back to our community.  Stay tuned for blogs and updates on this!

If you have any questions, please feel free to fill out the contact form. Don't forget to subscribe to our email list to get the latest information and exclusive deals.